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march 24, 2015
brian vickers will be out for 3 months again for blood clots. brett moffit will fill in the third time. harvick is 2 away for richard pettys of top 2 streaks


March 21, 2015
brian vickers is out again, with blood clots. the ironic thing is the xfinity race was the drive4clots 300.
in other news, former datona 500 winner, Derek Cope's motorhome was infested with bees, kevin harvick won the race in nationwide, and kurt busch got the pole

March 22, 2015
in todays race, there was no accidents. coming to the white flag, Greg Biffile spun, but for some bizzare reason, Nascar did not cause the caution. kurt busch was leading, until brad passed him because NASCAR did not throw the caution. so NASCAR is like this. when a car is spinning on the backstreach (Daytona), they throw the caution, but when a car spins out of turn 4 (today), they dont throw the caution. its probably because of Kurt Busch's assault case and "good guy" Keslowski was close.


March 11, 2015
NASCAR anounces it has lifted Kurt Busch's suspension, will Stewart-Haas do the same and put him back in the 41 car?
March 14, 2015
a crash yesterday in arca has me wondereng this. in an arca race, heres the link. as you can see a driver in ARCA flew off the turn and in to a parking lot. heres the question, WHY IS THERE NO WALL? heck Why arca, arca has very bad brakes? just... why!

March 15, 2015
Kurt Busch is back in the 41 car but on indefinate suspension and is starting 8th today
my prediction to win is Matt Kenseth mainly because he has not won since 2013.

march 15, 2015
Kevin Harvick got his 7th straight top 2nd finishes, by winning at phoenix



Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
March 8, 2015.

March 4, 2015
The driver of the #34 will be Brett Moffit. Brett got the 8th place position subbing for Brian Vickers last week at Atlanta Motor Speedway.
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March 8, 2015. Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
during todays race, jimmie johnson got a penalty on pit road where he eventully went into the wall making rookie jeb burton to brake into jeff gordon and his bad season continues. kevin harvick won.


Atlanta Motor Speedway.
February 27, 2015

Joey Logano, who won the Daytona 500 won the pole, but the real story is Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon and 11 other drivers get moved of the pack because they didn't get out on the track in time for a qualifying run in their group. This is the first time since 2010 the Atlanta Race is being run in March.

February 28,
Today X-Finity and Camping World Truck Series ran. Kevin Harvick won the X-finity race and Matt Crafton won the truck race. Both races were boring because there was no action meaning no wrecks.in practice, kevin harvick blew his engine. As well as that driver Brian Scott gave his NASCAR car to Michael Annett.
March 1, 2015
In today's NASCAR race the action was near the end of the race when with 49 laps to go, Denny Hamlin spun, collecting Jamie MacMurry, Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon were in it. on the next restart, another wreck happened collecting many cars, causing the red flag. Jimmie Johnson eventually won the race.
March 2, 2015
Jeff Gordon has gotten ticked off as well as some fan's after sundays race due to a lack of safer barriers. I personally think they should add safer barriers every where to keep drivers safe.


Daytona Speed Week

February 14, 2015
Matt Kenseth wins the unlimited race as only 12 of the 25 cars running completed the race. A huge wreck on lap 45 takes 6 cars out of the accident filled race.

Duel 1 in Duel 1 the first caution was when Casey Mears blew his engine eventually got in to the race and fan favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr. won.

Duel 2 a wreck took out 4 drivers where 3 did not make the race and Jimmie Johnson won.

Daytona 500
After all the Excitement in the Duels and the Unlimited, The great American race was boring this year Joey Logano wins his first Daytona, but the big news is Kyle's Busch's head first crash into a cement wall and leg injury that will keep him out of racing for week and his brother Kurt suspension for off track problems.

next week, Autoclub 400

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